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Tina's Journal

Life is what you make it

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shineon_ is my new username
7th heaven, actors, actresses, advice, aim, all kinds of music, animals, any kind of game, anything and everything, applications, arcades, articles, astrology, baseball, beach, beauty, being in love, bikes, books, boston, boy meets world, boyfriend, broken, camera, cds, charms, chatting, claires, clean, cleaning, clothes, clubs, comedy, community, computer, concert, crafts, dan, dancing, dane cook, ddr, decorating things, demolay, diarys, digital camera, discussions, disney, drama, drawing, dvds, education, everything, eyeliner, eyes, fashion, food, free concerts, friends, fun, gabe kapler, games, graphics, greenday, grounded for life, guitar, hallmark store, happy bunny, hip hop, hot, icons, instant messanger, instruments, interesting stuff, internet, iorg, jewlery, journals, kiwibox, laguna beach, layouts, learning, lessons, linkin park, livejournal, looking at pictures, love, lyrics, making things, mall, massachusetts, meeting new people, message boards, money, movies, mp3s, mtv, music, myspace, nice, online, order of rainbow, organized, partys & dances, patriots, pets, phone, photography, photos, physics, piano, planning, plays, poetry, pool, pop, r & b, rating communities, reality tv, red sox, riding bikes, rock, roganized, roller skating, ryan cabrera, school, shopping, shows, singing, smart, smile, songs, spending money, stores, swimming, taking pictures, talking, techno, the patriots, the real world, theatre arts, thinking, tips, tv, vh1, wedding, working, writing, young love, zsoo much more